Get Outside, Get Active, and Learn!


After School Activities in Rhode Island

The proliferation of screens and technology today is good for many reasons – students and young children can access information in a flash, and they can interact with other students and their professors via the internet. On the other hand, children are also more obese, and prone to sedentary livelihoods as a result. Students as old as high school level are lacking in social skills as a result of smartphones, videogames, and the technology age. The other unfortunate compounding factor is that, when in school, students are always being told to keep quiet and to follow rules (removed “and regulations”) which limits socializing to lunch and recess, if there is recess. They are otherwise kept muffled, to a certain degree, and this is very much to their detriment.

The good news? A few years ago, I (Wendy Fachon) was inspired to make a change. After meeting a 300-pound 4th grader who was eating alone in the cafeteria, I made the decision to make a difference in the schools in my community. Thus began Netwalking, with an effort to get students and kids outside. My program encourages physical activity and conversation, which helps students bond and form supportive friendships, and gives them an appreciation of nature and the world around them.

Start Netwalking in your Area

Part of the beauty of my program is that it is adaptable to urban and suburban afterschool programs led by teachers, parents and youth leaders through schools, churches, YMCA programs, etc. Group walking becomes a wonderful adventure no matter what the season. My website contains all the tools you need to get started: Netwalk RI. Stop by and learn how you can add this fantastic program to your school, church, or other curriculum!